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    Automation Technology for Continuous Casting
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    Qualtec – Switzerland

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  • Ladle Gate QT170s

    Ladle Gate QT170s

    Reliability and Operational Safety
    Automatic De-/Pressurizing System


Qualtec is an independent engineering company specializing in innovative and competitive automation technology for the continuous casting environment. Qualtec supplies a full range of components needed for the complete process control including mechanical equipment (tundish gates/ladle slide gates), refractory materials (consumables), hydraulic equipment (power packs and valve blocks), mold level measuring systems, PLC control systems and the real time Qualicast visualization.

Qualtec provides not only the complete engineering and installation of the systems but also a continuous partnership and after sales service.

Our Products & Services

  1. Process control systems and Qualicast process visualization
    more coming soon
  2. Mechanical systems (Tundish slide gates and Ladle slide gates)
    more coming soon
  3. Consumables (refractory materials)
    more coming soon
  4. Hydraulic systems (hydraulic power pack, valve blocks, accumulator units)
    more coming soon
  5. Mold level measuring systems
    more coming soon
  6. Miwas (microwave measuring systems)
    more coming soon
  7. Qualicoil (electromagnetic measuring systems)
    more coming soon
  8. PLC control systems for tundish level, speed control, flow control
    more coming soon
  9. Networking and interfaces (Ethernet)
    more coming soon
  10. Commissioning and installation, after sales service
    more coming soon

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